It is important in a team to make it  well balanced especially when you are a competitive battler.If the team you built is weak on a specific type then you will be in a very big disadvantage.

Look at this example team below

 Sceptile SpriteShiftry SpriteSerperior SpriteScizor SpriteSteelix SpriteWeavile Sprite

Did you notice something?If you noticed that they share one common  weakness which is fire followed by fighting then you are correct.This team may be powerful but it’s still not enough to take out all your opponent pokémon.Your opponent just need one-two fire type pokémon or pokémon with fire type moves then it will be game over for you.

Now,here is an example of a well balance team

Azelf SpriteMilotic SpriteDusknoir SpriteMachamp SpriteWeavile SpriteElectivire Sprite


This team seems to be well balanced.Each pokemon in the team can cover the other pokemon weakness unlike the first team we discussed above.Most of the veteran players are following this kind of build and also by following this you will learn a lot more than you know it.

Now let’s move on the second part,shall we?

After building a well balanced team,the next thing you should do is to identify your pokémon role.There are several ways to use a pokémon and some roles can also be divided into other categories.


Like its name implies this is the very first pokemon you will send out during the battle.You probably think that this can be any pokemon but you should have a plan about what you want it to do. Do you want it to set something up such as Spikes, Toxic Spikes or Stealth Rocks. You can also choose to go for an anti lead to stop your opponent from setting up with moves such as Taunt.Whatever your plan for your lead you should always keep in mind that it’s way better to be head start and prepared in the very beginning of every battle.

Aerodactyl Sprite


A supporter is a pokemon that logically supports your team. This can be done in several ways. Using of Heal Bell to heal every pokemon its status condition. Rapid Spin to make Spikes, Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock disappear.Even using  it to set up a Trick Room to help the rest of your team. Those are all examples of what a supporter can really do.Usually these pokemon don't really have much attacking moves.

Celebi Sprite


Its role is to sweep another person’s team and nothing else.Most of them has a high attack,special attack and speed stat.There are three  kind of sweepers which are physical,special and mixed.

Physical Sweepers

A physical sweeper attacks with physical attacking moves with high attack and speed stat.

Infernape Sprite

Special Sweepers

Like the physical one it has a high speed stat as well but the only difference is its sp.attacker.

Alakazam Sprite

Mixed Sweepers

Last but not least is the mixed sweeper who has both physical and special attacking moves.

Besides attacking moves and decent movepool they can also have moves to increase their stats. A physical sweeper can also use Swords Dance to increase their attack. While a special sweeper can use Nasty Plot to increase its special attack.

Lucario Sprite

Walls and Tanks:

Ever hit a wall or stood in front of a tank? It's pretty hard to go through one. With pokémon that's no difference. First let me explain the difference between a wall and a tank when it comes to pokémon. When a pokémon is used as a wall it will be used for stalling. These pokémon can take a hit and have moves such as toxic to weaken the opponent over time. A tank is also able to take hits but it can also pack quite a punch itself.

Just like with sweepers each of these types also has a attack, special and mixed version. In this case it's not about attacks but about their best defense stat.


This pokémon purpose it to absorb physical blows.

Ferrothorn Sprite


While this one is to block special attacks.

Blissey Sprite

Always keep in mind that when you are selecting a tank or a wall you should always make sure that it has access to an HP restoring move such as Rest,Roost or Recover.

So as a conclusion a balanced team is all about putting the right pokémon together. Learn about what is played and try to counter it with type advantages and picking the right role for your pokémon.And that is all of it,we hope you learn a lot from this guide and if you still don’t get all of these don’t worry you will surely learn all about it through experience.­­

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