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Rules and Frequently Asked Question can be found under the pictures.

Standard Rules 

Challenges: You can only challenge the same gym leader once a day. If you lose you can try again the next day if the gym leader is online
                   again. It is allowed to battle different gym leaders on the same day.
OU Limit: A maximum of 3 OU pokémon can be used.
               Which means at least 3 NU, UU, RU and/or BL must be on your team. 
               A list of the tiers can be found by clicking on the following link: 
Smogon Tier List
Wonder Launcher: Off
Forbidden Pokémon: Ubers and illegal pokémon.
                               This includes illegal movesets but also created pokémon explained on the "
Members Rules" page.
Species Clause: No more then 1 pokémon of the same kind is allowed.
Evasion Clause: Moves that raise the evasion are not allowed.
                        Such as Double Team, Minimize etc.
Freeze Clause: Only 1 pokémon may be Frozened at a time.
Sleep Clause: Only 1 pokémon may be Asleep at a time.
                     With the exception of using Rest after a pokémon is already asleep.
Forbidden hax items: Brightpowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lansat Berry, Lucky Punch, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Scope Lens and 
Other forbidden items: Items that are not yet obtainable in 5th Gen games. For example Soul Dew.

Gym Leaders Rules
(these rules can differ between gyms)

Battle Type: This will either be single, double, triple or rotation.
Banned Pokémon: A gym leader can ban 1 pokémon from their gym.
Item Clause: 1, 2 or even more of the same item are allowed to be used.
Legendary pokémon limit: 1, 2 or even more legendaries are allowed to be used.

Every gym battle will/must be recorded and send to the GTS. If the battle video is unable to be send you will not recieve the badge. Your team will also be checked to see if they are legal. We will ask some questions to determine whether your pokémon are legit or not.
Based on the outcome you might get a certain penalty as described on the 
"Members Rules" page

Gym Trainers

Gyms can also have gym trainers next to gym leaders. They specialise in the type that fit the gym they have been accepted to just like the gym leader. These trainers don't have to be battled before you challenge the gym leader. It is however allowed with the approval of the gym leader to battle a gym trainer instead of the gym leader. These exceptions are decided by the gym leader so might differ if there are more gym trainers in the gym and must follow the current gym rules.
Beside being able in to do gym battles in some occasions you are also in the line of becoming the new gym leader. When a gym leader stops themself then they can appoint one gym trainer as the new gym leader. If a gym leader is forced to stop for some reason then try outs will be done for all the gym trainers and the one who qualifies the most will be made the new gym leader. The new gym leader must keep the other gym trainers in his/her gym in both cases.

It is a gym leaders responsibility to educate the gym trainers in their gym. This can be done by just giving advice, practice battles or even give pokémon and items to improve a gym trainers team. Like with the privelege to stand in for the gym leaders this is also something a gym leader decides. However the same advice must be given to every gym trainer,  practice battles must be done at an equal level and so on. If a gym trainer is already longer a gym trainer they might have more rights.

Then as last: How do you become a gym trainer? The answer is simple. Just ask the gym leader whose gym you want to join in the chat or on the forum. A gym leader can have some requirements for someone to join their gym which is the same for everyone. If you are not accepted because you don't fit the requirements then improve to fit these requirements. Also there is a max of 3 gym trainers for a gym. After that no more gym trainers can be accepted for that gym untill a spot opens up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the requirements to be a gym leader?
A1: Earn 4 badges and apply for a gym type that isn't taken yet. In some cases an admin might test you before you have earned 4 badges. This only happens in special cases. So don't ask for it. There are some stricter rules for these kind of gym leaders as well to keep their gym.
Another requirement is that you must have at least 3 pokémon of the 
type you specialise and a max of 3 OU on your team. Before you become a gym leader there will always be a try out battle that follows the gym rules you want to apply if you pass

Q2: What will happen if a gym leader is unable to visit his/her gym or quit?
A2: If a gym leader is unable to visit his/her gym within one month without leaving any notice or quit its possible that the Gym he/she left will be  closed and open for tryouts. If the Gym Leader who resigned wants to regain his Gym spot or apply for a new gym type he/she will start with 0 badges just to be fair with others.

Q3: What will happen if the gym match has been disconnected?
A3: If a Gym Leader feels it is a honest accident or accidentally they will accept a rematch but make sure that your connection is stable this time before the match start.

Q4: What will happen if the challenger or a Gym Leader proven that they use a hack pokemon or intentionally disconnect?
A4: For the challengers it will result to disqualification in the league and for gym leaders it will result to demotion or a free win for the challenger.

Q5: How can we challenge the Gym Leader
A5: Trainers can challenge them once they log in the chat. Give them time to prepare their pokémon as most probably have them in their boxes.

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